Cropware Plus is a nutrient management software tool based on Cornell University Cropware 2. It includes all of the updates in Cropware Classic (see below) plus the following additional updates:
  • Create new fields by importing Field IDís, Field Names, and Acres from a CSV
  • Enhanced Soil Test Result import with datasheet export and selectable extraction method
  • CSV files for importing Fields or Soil Test Results can now have a header row to improve readability
  • Lime requirements now calculated using Buffer pH and Cornellís current method for deriving lime (Fact Sheet 48)
  • Change manure application method and application timing in the Allocation Table and view updated results without leaving the Allocation table
  • Button added to Allocation Table to change %ENV for lime and recalculate lime requirements
  • Integrated RUSLE2 module
  • Soybean nitrogen credits available for corn crops
  • Uses NRCS 590 Standard to suggest annual/average soil loss for P index
Cropware Plus is free to evaluate for 30 days. If you decide to purchase it, the cost is $300 per year. This includes all new updates and releases, as well as tech support.

Download the latest version of Cropware Plus:


Cropware Classic is a free nutrient management software tool. Classic is based on Cornell University Cropware 2, with the following updates:
  • Added support for 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista operating systems
  • Improved database stability
  • Fixed all known bugs that exists in Cornell's version
Download the latest version of Cropware Classic: